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Scalable Capital, a leading digital investment platform in Europe, is launching eight new investment strategies in its digital wealth management service. As of now, clients can choose from eleven different ETF-based investment approaches – including new strategies focusing on climate protection, value investing, and crypto. This means that investors can have their wealth managed in a way that is even more tailored to their preferences, starting from just 20 euros per month. The services remain as comprehensive as before: a continuously optimized selection of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other exchange-traded securities for cryptocurrencies (ETPs) and commodities (ETCs), with dedicated customer support as well as transparent and low costs. All investment strategies are also available to customers of ING except the cryptocurrency strategies.

“For us as a pan-European digital investment platform, the offering represents a new milestone,”
“It is targeted at people who want to incorporate proven investment approaches such as Ray Dalio’s ‘all-weather portfolio’ or new trends, such as the addition of crypto investments, to their portfolio. We now cover the range from self-directed investors in our broker through to those wanting professional wealth management, even more comprehensively. We are increasingly becoming a one-stop-shop for investing.”
                                             Erik Podzuweit, co-founder and co-CEO of Scalable Capital.
“We offer digital, cost-effective, and now even more tailored wealth management from as little as 20 euros per month,”
“The demand for individual strategies in wealth management is huge. We now have a solution for all market cycles and every investor type. Whether it’s investing in value strategies like Warren Buffett, hedging against turbulence in the markets, or aligning with the Paris Climate Agreement with our climate protection portfolio, every investor will find a suitable managed ETF portfolio on our platform.”
                        Franziska Grotz, VP Wealth & Sustainability Officer at Scalable Capital.

Digital wealth management according to individual preferences

In addition to the established investment approaches “Sustainable”, “Sustainable with Gold” and “Dynamic Risk Management”, the following strategies now complement the product offering:

  •  Climate protection: global investment by the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement
  •  Crypto: Investment strategy based on the world’s most important cryptocurrencies
  • Value: Investment strategy with a focus on fundamentally undervalued shares, made famous by investor legend Warren Buffett.
  • All-weather: a robustly positioned global portfolio for every market phase, aligned with the strategy of star investor Ray Dalio
  •  All-weather + Crypto: the All-weather strategy expanded to include the most important cryptocurrencies
  • GDP Global: global equity portfolio weighted by the gross domestic product (GDP) of the countries
  •  Megatrends: Investment strategy geared toward long-term future trends and technologies such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, or robotics
  • Sustainable with Crypto: globally diversified sustainable investment strategies with equity ratios from 0 to 90 percent expanded to include the cryptocurrency asset class

With the various approaches, Scalable Capital clients can prioritize their wealth management based on thematic priorities. In addition, they can tailor their investments more closely to their life situation – for example, regular savings for students with smaller budgets or the investment of a larger lump sum after an inheritance. With each chosen strategy, Scalable Capital manages the ETF portfolios for its clients and independently selects the best and most cost-efficient funds from thousands of ETFs available. On average, 10 exchange-traded funds are used per strategy.

An extensive range of information helps with strategy selection

Scalable Capital supports interested investors in the selection of their investment strategy via a video tutorial on the public website and in the signup flow via the web and app. In addition, the company will gradually publish short videos on the respective investment strategies. Scalable Capital will continue to provide information about its investment philosophy and all questions related to investing in newsletters, webinars, blog posts, social media, and customer events.

Scalable Capital continues to develop digital wealth management

With its digital wealth management, Scalable Capital has been offering a broad group of investors access to low-cost ETF-based investments since the beginning of 2016. Clients can choose between different strategies that are continuously monitored and automatically adjusted to the market situation. They invest in the asset classes equities, government bonds, corporate bonds, cryptocurrencies, commodities (+ gold), and real estate. For a few months now, a savings plan with no initial one-off payment has been possible from as little as 20 euros a month and a one-off investment of as little as 1,000 euros. At the same time, Scalable Capital has adapted its sustainable investment strategies. The sustainable ETF portfolios with SRI criteria are currently subject to the strictest sustainability criteria available on the market. The wealth management service is available in Germany and Austria.

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