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FNZ to acquire YieldX, Accelerating the Personalization of Wealth Management Solutions

FNZ, the global asset management platform, has agreed to acquire YieldX, a US provider of bond portfolio management technology, optimization services and direct indexing tools to the industry. Asset Management. Financial institutions, advisors and their clients will benefit from the unique combination of FNZ’s full-service platform and YieldX’s digital infrastructure and technology solutions. These innovative

Is the neobank bubble about to burst?

Ongoing economic uncertainty and inflated valuations are having a dramatic impact on the fintech funding cycle. Last year’s numbers paint a bleak picture – according to CB Insights, fintech companies raised $20.4 billion in Q2 2022, almost half the amount raised in the quarter. 2 years in 2021. With fintech valuations and start-up capital plummeting

How are Younger Generations Choosing Financial Service Providers?

Younger generations are demanding accessible digital banking services from their providers. They turn to neobanks and fintech unicorns like Robinhood to do their banking, payments, and investments. Neobanks, the bank in which all their services are online and accessible digitally, and the fintech unicorn, the startup that has reached a valuation of $1 billion, are
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TMX Group Announces Strategic Investment in VettaFi

TMX Group Limited announced that it has made a strategic investment in VettaFi Holdings LLC (VettaFi), a US private sector data, analytics, indexing, digital distribution and thought leadership company. VettaFi fosters a cutting-edge, data-driven platform designed to empower and educate the modern financial advisor, asset manager and institutional investor. TMX Corporation purchased approximately 21% of
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AD Ports Group Signs Collaboration Agreement with Africa Finance Corporation

AD Ports Group, the world’s leading industrial, logistics and trade support company, has entered into a partnership agreement with Africa Finance Corporation (“AFC”), a leading infrastructure solutions provider. in Africa, to bridge the infrastructure gap on the continent. This agreement allows the two organizations to join forces to identify, finance, develop and invest in much-needed

How Blockchain Payments Bring Economic Relief to Emerging Economies?

Fintech companies have been storming emerging markets for a while. In Latin America, for example, innovations have made it possible for unbanked people to access the financial services they have long awaited. And as mobile adoption has surged in recent years in Africa and Asia-Pacific, new payment solutions have emerged to serve the traditionally excluded.
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Honeywell launches Honeywell Smart Pay to help merchants meet customer needs

Honeywell has announced the release of Honeywell Smart Pay, a contactless software payment solution enabling the company’s powerful mobile to become secure and compliant payment terminals, accepting contactless mobile payments from anywhere a business sells or delivers goods and services. Honeywell Smart Pay gives sales associates and service workers the ability to complete on-site payments in

What prevents banks from providing excellent sales and service?

In today’s tough economic climate, it is certain that clients are looking for ways to minimize their costs whenever possible in the face of the increasing cost of living. Banks have a key role to play in supporting consumers and especially the most vulnerable who are struggling to pay for basic necessities like rent, energy
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Wise issues first eco card

Wise, the global tech company building the best way to move money around the world, has today launched its first eco card. The environmental impact of the Eco-Wise Card has been significantly reduced through the use of Polylactic Acid (PLA), a sustainable plastic alternative made from renewable bio-resources such as inedible corn. . The material

3 Free Banking Apps for Entrepreneurs

Financial institutions and entrepreneurs have a complicated historical relationship. Entrepreneurs need the means to finance their businesses and stay afloat, which means they rely on banks for everything from business loans to checking accounts. And banks need entrepreneurs too. Without small businesses driving the economy, there’s not many banks can do. This (sometimes reluctant) codependency