Insurity launches AI-powered solution to revolutionise decision-making for P&C insurance carriers

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Utilising Insurity’s analytics solutions grants carriers an enhanced level of reliable insights into their portfolios, facilitating heightened segmentation and improved loss ratios.

The flagship offering of the solution, known as Insurity Predict, harnesses the power of AI to elevate predictive analytics and modelling capabilities, delivering a substantial enhancement in loss ratios and instilling credibility in strategic decisions.

This solution goes beyond merely boosting the accuracy of risk assessment; it also streamlines the underwriting process. Insurity’s analytics models employ advanced AI and machine learning techniques, enabling automation and furnishing superior decision support.

The move has come in response to today’s complex P&C insurance market, which is facing insurance organisations with a myriad of challenges which require accurate and timely decision-making.

Conventional approaches employed by insurers frequently suffer delays, resulting in considerable financial losses and operational hurdles. Insurity’s analytics solutions, driven by AI-powered insights, provide sophisticated, real-time, and reliable insights. This empowers insurers to acquire a more profound understanding of their portfolio, facilitating proactive business management.

Kirstin Marr, Chief Analytics Officer at Insurity, said, “Insurity Analytics, with its AI-powered insights, is a game-changing tool in the insurance industry, empowering carriers to proactively tackle diverse challenges, ensuring better protection for their policyholders and assets. Insurity Analytics is not just about predicting risks but about equipping our customers with the foresight and tools necessary to protect and serve their policyholders more effectively. This is a leap forward in how we use technology to make a tangible difference in people’s lives during critical moments.”

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