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Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) announced it will integrate Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation initiatives of corporate banks.

The collaboration will see iGTB adopt Microsoft as its preferred cloud platform to remove traditional barriers to banking technology adoption, thereby helping banks go to market 3 to 4 times faster with Liquidity, Cash Management, Payments, Trade Finance & Supply Chain Finance cloud offerings to their corporate clients. This collaboration is set to drive sustained banking digitalization, help banks transform their corporate banking business models, modernize their cloud technology stacks, and consume “Banking-As-A-Service” out-of-a-box.

Banks can now get access to bank-grade secure and hyper-scalable cloud infrastructure paired with iGTB’s cloud-native banking technology to fully support burgeoning customer demands and regulatory needs.

Banks earned a colossal almost-$1 trillion from commercial banking, with high and growing demand for SaaS applications. Transaction banks, truly the heart of global commerce, serve over 200 million corporations worldwide with critical needs for unprecedented agility, vital working capital, and for the ability to navigate the shifts in the supply chain. Corporate banks aim to spend by 2025 $9.3bn just on applications, with SaaS cloud spending growing to 25% of it.

To accelerate cloud adoption of transaction banking platforms, iGTB and Microsoft will work together to jointly develop four specific platforms:

  • iGTB Liquidity for banks to offer their clients, already deployed in 57 regulated countries, that today sweeps over $4tr cash and pools over $35tr balances per year and recently the only offering rated Best in Class in an independent report from Aité-Novarica.
  • iGTB Cash Cloud: A comprehensive cash management platform – deployable with no Capex and resulting in 50% lower TCO with the ability to go live in as fast as 10 weeks, and with three offerings:
  • CashNow: bringing innovation to the business banking segment, a ready-to-use platform with a 10-week go-live plan
  • CashXtra: rejuvenation of the critical Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME) banking market with an 18-week go-live plan
  • CashPower: a comprehensive platform that provides scale to servicing mid-size and large corporations that can go live in as fast as 25 weeks.
  • iGTB Payments: Contextual Payments-as-a-Service platform to place banks at the forefront of payments modernization initiatives built on a composable, micro-service, cloud-native architecture for elastic scalability. iGTB Payments today supports volumes of $500bn payments per day at a leading global bank and is available in 43 markets worldwide.
  • Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the first and only integrated Trade and Supply Chain Finance platform that runs on an architecture that is built for the cloud. Named after the pioneer whose discoveries eventually opened up the world to truly global international trade, today underpins the largest trade finance transformation in Europe and the largest trade & supply chain finance transformation in the Asia Pacific.
“I’m excited to bring iGTB’s capabilities to more banks and their corporates through Microsoft Cloud. I believe the commercialization of corporate banking relies on getting the power of transaction banking platforms into the hands of as many banks as possible, and our collaboration with Microsoft is an important step along that path.”
 “This collaboration with Microsoft allows just that: security and worry-free scalability while allowing the bank to launch products 3x to 4x faster, deploy updates and enhance the customer experience quickly and easily. Equally importantly, it frees up capital, lowers the complexities and risks associated with the traditional digital transformation, and significantly reduces time-to-value. We look forward to taking together the “Banking-As-A-Service” proposition to 1000 banks across 70 countries, and helping them dramatically expand their transaction banking business at a lower cost.”
                                                                                                 Manish Maakan, CEO iGTB.
“iGTB’s integration of the Microsoft Cloud creates a powerful platform for banks to streamline and modernize their transaction banking business in the cloud. Together, we look forward to delivering a faster path for innovation and responsible growth, with the hyper-scale flexibility and security essential for the financial services industry.”
                        Bill Borden, Corporate VP of Worldwide Financial Services at Microsoft.
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