Why Fintech Companies Should Start Managing Packages With Technology


Many communications today, such as e-mail, calls, or text messages, are done wirelessly. But any business in the financial industry knows that efficiently receiving and processing physical packages is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly.

Over 35 million packages are shipped every day and this number is only going to grow. In today’s world of online and remote work, more packages are being delivered than ever before. Many FinTech companies are turning to technology to manage parcel deliveries – and in this article, we’ll explain why and look at the most effective ways to use technology to manage parcels on your own.

Why is package management important to FinTech?

Joining FinTech means you have to exchange tons of information with customers and customers. You’re no stranger to exchanging hundreds of gigabytes of data – and if you want to do it quickly and securely, you probably already know how to use a bicycle courier or a web browser. Another messenger can securely send a USB key or CD to another company. same day.

You may be surprised to learn that, depending on the size of the file, a bike courier running a USB drive can actually be faster than sending the file and downloading the whole file!

When couriers arrive at your business, they can transfer anything from one of those USB drives to important documents that need signatures in no time. And on top of that, you also have to deal with other day-to-day delivery tasks. Whether it’s a large delivery of office supplies or an employee ordering lunch, any financial services business is sure to handle a large number of packages each week.

Consider package management

You now know that even the most tech-savvy financial services company needs an efficient way to manage package deliveries. But what is the most efficient way to handle these parcels? Any solution should keep security and convenience in mind.

Your main concern is safety. You can have dozens of delivery drivers delivering packages of all sizes during the day – and these deliveries could be company-wide or to one person, one of your employees could be the recipient. How deep in your building should you allow a delivery courier? And how can you be sure that a delivery man is who he claims to be?

And while security is important, you should also keep in mind convenience. The lengthy identity verification process can cause delays that annoy your staff and shippers.

The best way to manage packages

When it comes to package management, you have a few options. You can ask the front desk to manage each package delivered. But that comes with its own downsides. The front desk staff at your front desk have been busy greeting guests, answering phones, and managing the day-to-day affairs of your office. Adding a new responsibility to their disk can lead to inefficiencies.

Instead, you can rely on the edge that differentiates your FinTech business from its legacy organizations – a combination of technology. The best package management solution for a FinTech company is an electronic control system that enables package room functionality.

Instead of wasting time and energy coordinating deliveries between drivers, front desk staff and employees, parcel rooms save everyone time. As part of an electronic parcel room system, giving shippers access to your property will be as simple as sending them a PIN. Couriers use this PIN to enter, send their packages, and leave immediately, freeing the front desk and staff from the burden of having to let each courier in separately.

While fewer people are involved in the process, delivering parcels to rooms offers a higher level of security. The best parcel room systems have cameras that take a timestamped image of each PIN use, giving your employees a check-in route they can use to improve security.

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