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Viva Wallet, with the support of Mastercard, will assist the digital transformation in the city of Evora, enabling local merchants to adopt contactless payments in their stores.

The initiative is intended to encourage SMEs from local businesses to join the acceptance of contactless payments, through Tap On Phone technology, which is provided by the Viva Wallet POS app, thus allowing customers to pay easily, safely and hassle-free, even with international cards. With this innovative technology, merchants can transform any Android NFC-enabled smartphone, tablet or other device into a contactless card terminal, saving the costs associated with dedicated terminals, by simply downloading the application to the merchant’s smartphone.

This digital transformation project kicks off with a campaign to promote and advertise the service, encouraging more than 1,000 local businesses, including restaurants, to join digital payments, improving the shopping experience of their customers, especially tourists, who are not always able to use their cards in traditional national card terminals.

This Viva Wallet initiative in Evora, with the support of Mastercard, aims to educate and raise awareness among merchants, as well as encourage the local population, students and tourists to use contactless payments.

The campaign started on April 4 and will be present in several digital media but also physical media such as billboards and large format, static and mobile, as well as displays in local shops and restaurants and social networks.

“   The Tap On Phone solution, available to all merchants, brings a new paradigm to the payment landscape. The old and bulky payment card terminals, only focused on payments, will soon become obsolete. Viva Wallet is leading the digital transformation of SMEs with the latest technology available. Now, any business can benefit from the Viva Wallet POS app, and turn an Android phone with NFC into a card terminal. Our solution is not only highly innovative but can also be easily integrated with third party applications. And best of all: there are no monthly fees or limitations on the number of “card terminals” a merchant can have!   ”
                                                                    Viva Wallet Country Manager Pedro Saldanha.
“    It is the right time for us to support the digital transition of cities, giving more quality of life to its residents and visitors. Using a contactless card in daily routines is a good example. Mastercard, with Viva Wallet and local stakeholders, wants to make Evora a contactless city, by using a set of innovative services that we have implemented in several cities around the world. It is this global experience that we want to share with the city of Evora, with the people of Evora, with local commerce and businesses, and with all those who visit the city. With this project we are responding to the challenges of tourism and to the dynamization of the local economy, through scalable technological solutions, essential for the future of smart cities.  ”
                                                  Mastercard Country Manager Maria Antonia Saldanha.



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