unveils two new features to simplify payments in Europe

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European neobank has launched two new features designed to simplify business across the continent.

The first new feature, real-time payments gives the merchant community near-instant access to their funds. Transactions are now settled in up to 60 minutes, compared to the previous next-day settlement system.
The second new feature, Offline Payments, was developed to ensure that merchants can minimize the risk of losing sales due to network connection problems or interruptions. Offline payments allow card transactions to be automatically accepted, even when the merchant is offline at the point of sale.

“The last thing a business wants is to be waiting for funds to come through on a sale that’s already been completed, or worse yet, missing out on a sale due to network connectivity issues. With Real-Time Settlement and Offline Payments, those issues are a thing of the past. Near-instant payments, 0% transaction fee options and the possibility to complete sales under even the most challenging connectivity conditions are in-house-created features specifically designed to support our merchants, no matter their size or location.”
Kostas Xiradakis, VP Product and Growth at payment solutions are designed to help businesses of all sizes with innovative tools to streamline operations and increase revenue. The Terminal app turns smart devices into card terminals, while the Smart Checkout payment gateway increases conversion rates by up to 21%; both offer more than 30 payment methods.

These new features will initially be enabled for companies with accounts, thereby optimizing cash flow and managing costs. Real-time payments and offline payments are the latest additions to’s suite of commerce products, including Business Debit Cards to manage, automate and monitor business expenses, At the same time, reduce costs by 0% transaction fees.

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