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Tink, Europe’s leading open banking platform, has announced the expansion of its open banking payments services to five new markets across Europe.

Its Payment Initiation Services (PIS) product is now live in the Netherlands, Norway, Estonia, Finland, and Latvia. Tink operates in 18 markets in total across Europe, connecting to over 250 million bank customers.

Open banking payments, often called Pay by Bank, are a transfer of money from one bank account to another. The payment is initiated by Tink through an Application Programming Interface (API), but the user journey is completely embedded within the payment service provider (PSP) or merchant’s environment. The payment is authorized using the bank’s system, making it a secure, frictionless, and low-cost payment method.

Tink’s payments expansion to new markets reflects the rise in consumer demand for seamless digital experiences.

“We’re seeing a surge in consumers using open banking payments across Europe, because of the dramatically better user experience it offers. Tink’s payments technology makes it simple for consumers at checkout, allowing them to make payments quickly and seamlessly via the institution they trust the most – their bank. Open banking payments are secure, frictionless, and put businesses in control of the user experience. With our solution, merchants are discovering how their payment experience can be a source of competitive advantage.
“We aim to be the backbone of payments services providers across Europe, and the expansion of Tink’s payment services into these five new markets is a significant step towards achieving this goal.”
                                                           Tom Pope, head of payments and platforms at Tink
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