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Paysafe, a leading specialized payments platform, announces the extension of its collaboration with Visa to integrate Visa Direct, Visa’s real-time2 push payments platform. Especially suited to industries where speed of settlement is key, such as cryptocurrency or FX trading and iGaming among many others, Paysafe will offer Visa Direct to merchants, exchanges, operators, and other online businesses in the UK and Europe.

Using Visa Direct for fast push payments, merchants can gain tighter control of their cash flow. Paysafe customers who use Visa Direct can opt to receive their payments within minutes, giving them quicker, easier access to funds, so they can make spending decisions faster and with more flexibility.

The new integration allows merchants to access the Visa Direct service through Paysafe’s single point of connection, to enable push payments to eligible Visa cards for domestic payouts, and to eligible Visa cards and accounts for cross-border payments.

“In some of the sectors, we operate in, such as cryptocurrency or iGaming, speed of settlement is central to business success due to the rate at which the industry is moving. It is in these specialized industries that, now more than ever, an effective approach to payments can provide a competitive advantage, and steps such as this are likely to help to propel the more emerging industries into the mainstream. We’re therefore delighted to offer Visa Direct as part of our portfolio to enable rapid customer payouts underpinned by a secure and trusted brand like Visa.”
                       Paulette Rowe, CEO of Integrated and Ecommerce Solutions at Paysafe.
“At Visa, we’re focused on reimagining how money moves around the world. Through this collaboration with Paysafe, we’re excited to bring a more streamlined customer journey and real-time3 transfer capabilities to more businesses in the UK and Europe.”
                                                     Nicky Alexander, Head of Visa Direct, Europe, at Visa.
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