Origin Acquires Finny to Fill a Critical Gap in Workplace Financial Education

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Origin, the startup reimagining financial wellness in the workplace, announced it has acquired Finny, a financial health startup. Origin will integrate Finny’s financial education, content, curriculum, and debt management tools into its financial wellness platform addressing the urgent need for improved financial literacy.

Money is the number one source of stress – more than work, health and relationships combined. This strain is exacerbated by the current economic climate, which presents everyone with financial challenges unique to a generation. Origin is directly addressing this issue by extending wealth management access to those previously excluded due to high barriers to entry. The Origin Platform simplifies finance for individuals by making it easy to track expenses, get expert advice, manage investments, and take action to achieve financial goals.

By acquiring Finny, Origin will now be able to provide its customers with the valuable financial education resources and content needed to empower employees to make more informed decisions about their financial futures. their main. For example, people can now learn about credit reports, understand the nuances involved in credit scoring, then access their own credit scores and get helpful tips on how to improve their credit score. credit score improvement.

“Most people are simply priced out of financial planning tools, and financial advisors traditionally only work with high income individuals. This leaves tens of millions of Americans in the dark, left with unnecessary fees as well as missed investment and tax opportunities that can cost them thousands of dollars a year,”
Origin Co-Founder and CEO Matthew Watson.
“During my tenure as CEO at Twitter, I witnessed firsthand the knowledge gap that exists among employees and even HR teams when it comes to understanding equity and financial benefits,”
“I strongly believe that Origin can bridge that gap and revolutionize financial literacy and education in a way that has not been achieved before.”
Managing Partner Dick Costolo, Origin.

Today, Origin is offered to individuals as a benefit to help relieve employee financial stress and make them happier and more productive. Offering provenance as a benefit also helps to attract and retain employees:
93% of employees want their company to provide more access to financial planning (but only 28% do). Plus Origin acts as an additional support to empower People teams, help with compensation, benefits, equity grants, and reduce employer liability by giving a third-party registered financial advisor as an employee resource.

“Origin has been an extremely popular benefit among our employees, providing them with valuable insights into their finances, compensation, and equity,”
“Now with Origin’s acquisition of Finny they’ll have more financial resources at their fingertips. Our employees have been looking for this type of educational content and tutorials, and having this all in one place within the Origin platform is incredibly beneficial.”
Cara Allamano, Chief People Officer at Lattice.

On the staff side, Origin members are matched with a Certified Financial Planner to discuss their finances, goals, and develop an action plan. Planners offer personalized advice to help them make smarter financial decisions and prepare for the most important life milestones, like buying a home, starting a family, paying off birth debt membership or retirement planning, etc. Individuals can also use the Origin platform and mobile apps to track and view all of their finances – connect accounts, then create budgets, manage investments and savings retire. Origin can also help them understand the return on equity and tax implications of a sale. Each person is paired with a CFP with which they work continuously.

The Finny acquisition is an important milestone for Origin, as it demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing a complete and comprehensive financial healthcare platform. Finny has worked with employers and over 60,000 consumers to provide top-notch financial education. Integrating Finny’s financial education resources and debt management tools will allow Origin to have an even greater impact on employees’ financial well-being.

“Finny’s expertise in financial education and focus on debt management will be an invaluable addition to the Origin platform,”
“We believe that addressing the educational gap in employee financial education is key to helping individuals achieve financial security.”
Origin Co-Founder and CEO Matthew Watson.
“Origin’s commitment to simplifying money management for employees aligns with Finny’s mission to improve global financial literacy,”
“Together, we share a common goal of helping individuals achieve a secure financial future, and we’re excited to join forces to further expand our reach and impact.”
Chihee Kim and Milan Kovacevic, Co-Founders of Finny.
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