Past Conferences

01 – 03 Dec 2021, Virtual Conference

Connect with 60+ senior Banking leaders for a curated agenda focused on tackling your current business critical challenges and driving industry forward. Track 1: Strategic Automation: Investing in the Future of Banking – Strategies for improving data visibility and hygiene across the organization, right use cases for AI/ML algorithms and the right mix of human vs ML & RPA for successful automation. Track 2: Navigating Uncertainty: Regulation and Legacy in Crisis – Navigating the move towards open banking, stricter data-protection standards, and platform plays. Track 3: Driving a New Kind of ‘Operational Innovation’ – Helping your teams to build for the future, learn from failure, and avoid the sunk-cost fallacy. Immerse yourself in the most advanced virtual event platform, blending the convenience and reach of digital with the interaction of physical events.

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