Mastercard and NAPS Collaborate to Drive Digital Payment Innovation in Morocco

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Mastercard has partnered with Moroccan financial technology NAPS to drive innovation in Morocco’s digital payments landscape. This partnership also builds on the pair’s strong historical relationship and aims to develop innovative payment solutions for individuals and businesses.

NAPS, on a mission to expand the reach of digital payments in Morocco, brings together the M2M Group’s over 30 years of expertise in electronic payments and biometric identification software. In addition, as a Mastercard partner, NAPS also has access to its vast network, knowledge, and diverse portfolio of products and services, all provided by leading companies. safety technology and innovation.

In line with NAPS’ long-term strategy, the partnership with Mastercard will also strengthen the company’s ability to innovate by leveraging Mastercard’s cutting-edge technology, thereby accelerating time-to-market for services. Upcoming digital from NAPS.

“We are delighted to share our technological expertise with NAPS to pursue our common objective of advancing inclusive growth.”
Mohamed Benomar, country general manager, MENA West, Mastercard.
“The partnership with Mastercard will foster a culture of innovation. Ghellab believes that by accelerating the development of digital payment solutions in Morocco, the collaboration will solidify the country’s status as a “premier fintech hub in the Arab world”.
Hassan Ghellab, CEO of NAPS.
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