Digital Tipping Provider Etip Partners With Visa To Modernize Tipping For Hospitality And Service Industries

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eTip, a powerful and customizable digital tip solution, today announced a partnership with Visa, the world leader in digital payments. Working together, eTip and Visa are helping hospitality and service customers accelerate digital tip adoption.

While cashless payment methods and contactless tipping for restaurant employees have skyrocketed due to pandemic demand, payment methods for hospitality industry employees, such as hotel managers, have been increasing. Housekeepers, on-call staff, waiters, concierges, servers and other service providers, remain firmly in the cash-based past.

While some peer-to-peer money-sharing platforms are used by some, privacy and regulatory concerns mean that customers, most of them, are now used to a moneyless world. face, nothing to give to housekeeping, carry luggage or perform other chores. maid. Their cars.

With eTip, customers will no longer have to feel guilty and run to an ATM to tip employees, download apps, or share personal information. Instead, eTip’s simple and secure QR code and NFC-based tipping solution allow customers to tip with their digital wallet or credit card. After a customer tips a service, eTip allows employees to receive a tip in real-time, directly into their bank account. This transfer is supported by Visa Direct, which enables real-time payments for eligible cards.

“eTip makes it possible to simply tip with a tap or scan,”
“Our research shows that staff tend to see an 80 percent increase in tips when the barriers to tipping are removed through our solution, and a five-time increase in the amount being tipped as well. Visa partnering with us shows their commitment to bringing their industry leadership in cashless payments and real time tip disbursements to the most vital part of the hospital industry, its people. By combining Visa’s technology and ours, we are revolutionizing the way tipping is done.”
Nicolas Cassis, CEO of eTip.
“We are seeing an increase in market demand for a fast, reliable, and fully digitized tipping experience for hotel guests and employees in the hospitality industry,”
“eTip now offers a digital tipping solution, enabled by Visa Direct, helping to modernize that process for their guests and employees.”
Yanilsa Gonzalez-Ore, Senior Vice President of Visa Direct.

With customers in hotels, casinos, resorts, cruise lines, health and beauty services as well as sports venues, eTip not only allows these businesses to accelerate the transition. Going cashless but also reducing operating costs and allowing them to recruit, retain and motivate talent. For example, eTip hotel customers typically save an average of $34,800 per year in churn costs and reduce churn by an average of 30%.

By digitizing the tipping experience, through digital acceptance and real-time tip payments, hotels can improve the overall guest experience as well as employee satisfaction. According to an eTip survey of 5,000 guests staying at the hotel, nearly 100% of guests said they had a 5-star experience. In addition, hotel managers report that employees have higher levels of engagement and an increased sense of belonging.

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