American Express Launches Amex Business Link

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Amex Business Link, a new business-to-business (B2B) payments environment that network issuing and acquiring participants can provide to their business customers, was introduced by American Express. Amex Business Link facilitates domestic and international transactions while taking the card and non-card payments, making it simpler for buyers and suppliers of all sizes to manage payments. The new digital ecosystem interfaces to all API-enabled customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and is furnished with tools for reporting and reconciliation.

“Our Amex network participants have access to not only reliable payment rails with the lowest fraud rates in the industry but also our issuing and acquiring expertise, as well as unique Amex benefits,”
“As B2B payments rapidly digitize, we see an opportunity to add a customized solution for our network participants. Amex Business Link modernizes how businesses buy and sell from one another with the flexibility to choose in real-time how they want to pay or be paid.”
                  Mohammed Badi, President, Global Network Services at American Express.

For network participants, Amex Business Link offers the savings and efficiency of:

  • Digital onboarding of buyers and suppliers
  • Lending solutions that give buyers and suppliers access to working capital
  • Access to more commercial customers on the American Express network
  • Hands-on training, onboarding, and service for third-party issuers and acquirers providing Amex Business Link to their business customers

For buyers and suppliers, the solution provides:

  • An easier and safer way to manage their payments and connect directly with other businesses through the ecosystem
  • Seamless connectivity to ERP/CRM systems via APIs
  • Multiple payment methods including card, ACH, wire, check, etc.
  • Purchases and sales insights that allow companies to monitor growth
  • Access to dynamic reports that allow automatic reconciliation
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