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People can see the banking democratization trend, where bigtechs and fintechs present a new form of threat to traditional banks. AIZEN, which ranked second in the Global Category of MAS FinTech Awards 2020 (Singapore FinTech Festival, MAS FinTech Awards) alongside Swiss Re (insurance) and BNY Mellon (banking), announced that it would provide banking-as-a-service for banks and data platforms.

AIZEN is a financial techonology (fintech) company that made Artificial Intelligence (AI) financial innovations in Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam within five years since its establishment by the financial and AI experts from global companies. AIZEN developed the finance-specialized, machine-learning automated solution called “ABACUS” to commence the digitization project for financial companies. AIZEN has been selected as the second placer globally at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) FinTech Awards, the first placer at the 2020 Hong Kong FinTech Week, the Top Ten FinTechs by Standard Chartered Hong Kong, and the cool vendor in AI for FinTech at the Gartner Cool Vendor 2018, accelerating its potential growth rapidly. Furthermore, AIZEN has been selected as the Top Ten FinTechs for responsible AI companies, along with VISA Inc., Suite of analytics software (SAS) Institute, Experian PLC, and Ernst & Young Global Ltd. AIZEN is expanding its businesses into Vietnam and Indonesia with the “CreditConnect” launch, an AI-based data-combined banking service that enlarges the business model.

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