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Vesttoo, a leading insurance risk transfer platform, announced that it had signed a partnership agreement with Clear Blue to supply the latter with reinsurance capacity sourced from capital markets investors, totaling a sum of $1 billion USD.

Vesttoo’s mission is to bridge the gap between insurance and capital markets by growing insurance-linked investments as a source of reinsurance capacity. Vesttoo will use Clear Blue’s underwriting, program management, data, and analytical capabilities, in addition to its AI-powered technology and expertise in fintech, insurance, and asset management, to facilitate faster reinsurance transactions and allow more investors to gain access to a diversified portfolio of Clear Blue’s P&C risk on an efficiently collateralized basis.

“Clear Blue are as data-driven as we are, and together we can grow the pot efficiently,”
“We will use Clear Blue’s data in our models to help structure transactions with much faster time to market, all the while maintaining transparency which is critical to investors, leading to greater participation in the insurance-linked investment market.”
                                   Alon Lifshitz, Chief Financial Engineer and Co-Founder of Vesttoo.

Vesttoo has grown quickly over the years, providing reinsurance capacity to cedents using its data-driven AI technology, which allows it to model, price, and create flexible solutions for a diverse variety of business lines. Vesttoo’s data-driven tools enable the company to organize transactions in a variety of financial instruments in a timely and transparent manner.

“We’ve been working with Vesttoo for years, and their methodology has proven itself time and again,”
“Their data-driven process is able to radically speed up the reinsurance process, allowing us to provide insurers with the capacity they need to thrive.”
                                            Jerome Breslin, President and CEO of Clear Blue Insurance.

Vesttoo intends to broaden its coverage to include other dangers in the Life and P&C sectors. Furthermore, it is working on digitizing the transaction-making process in order to work on larger scales. The agreement with Clear Blue is a significant step toward this larger goal.

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