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Prezent, the AI-powered presentation productivity platform for enterprise teams, announced that it has added Zoom Ventures as an investor. This comes after the $20 million raised in a Series A funding round in April 2022 and the $4.3 million raised in seed capital in August 2021.

“As an immigrant and engineer working in corporate America, I have found that great business storytelling is essential to making your ideas come to life and growing your career. Yet, millions of busy business professionals in Fortune 2000 companies don’t have the time, training, and resources to bring their ideas to life. Alternatives like management consulting and design agencies are expensive and inaccessible. That’s where Prezent comes in. The Prezent platform gives everyone a fair chance to bring their ideas to life,”
                                                                        Rajat Mishra, Founder and CEO of Prezent.

The global investment arm of Zoom, Zoom Ventures, aims to advance international businesses that are compatible with Zoom’s core technology and surrounding markets while fostering innovation within the Zoom ecosystem. Companies seeking to pioneer hybrid workforce collaboration, disrupt the modern workforce, and provide extraordinary customer experiences are eligible for funding from Zoom Ventures.

“We are grateful for the partnership with the team at Prezent and are excited to align more deeply with them with our investment. Prezent’s disruptive platform and impressive growth demonstrate the tremendous value they deliver within the ecosystem,”
“Zoom’s platform has always centered on offering customers seamless, efficient, and secure collaboration and communication experiences through video communications, which is why we are excited to build a relationship with Prezent as they pursue the same objectives through presentation applications.”
                                    Sanjay Rao, Head of Corporate Development and Zoom Ventures.

The enterprise business presentation process is automated by Prezent, which also employs machine learning algorithms to generate recommendations that are contextually aware. In order to boost efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance, the platform blends audience empathy, tribal knowledge, business narrative, and brand-approved designs, cutting down on traditional presentation development time by up to 70% and spending on design firms by up to 60%. Additionally, it has a gamified learning curriculum and best practice examples to assist users in making their presentations more effective.

“We are thrilled and honored to team up with Zoom. The expanded customer reach and integration of Prezent data intelligence will help us reimagine the business presentation experience for enterprise teams,”
“The Zoom Ventures investment will supercharge Prezent’s mission to democratize business communication in enterprise teams.”
                                                                            Rajat Mishra, Founder and CEO of Prezent.
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