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InvestCloud, the global leader in financial digital transformation, today announced that Huntington National Bank has launched Advisor Connect, a branded digital experience based on Find My Advisor’s technology. InvestCloud. Huntington is a subsidiary of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated (Nasdaq:
HBAN), a $179 billion regional bank holding company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Retirement savings, insurance worries, and financial planning can seem overwhelming without a financial advisor who understands your unique needs. Huntington now offers Advisor Connect, a digital platform that makes it easy for clients to find and contact the right Huntington financial advisor. After answering a few questions, users will see a personalized list of advisors whose interests and areas of expertise match their financial needs, personal interests, and preferences for remote or online collaboration. they are next.

“Connecting our customers with the right advisor is essential to providing an outstanding experience for our customers,”
“Our partnership with InvestCloud delivers on our vision to be the leading ‘people-first, digitally powered’ bank and puts the customer at the centre of the experience.”
                                      Michael Robinson, Huntington’s Director of Wealth Management.

Find My Advisor is an API-based service that was created in conjunction with Huntington and smoothly integrates into an existing online banking experience. It makes the process of picking an advisor simple by using questions that you may customize and logic. Simply respond to a few questions about your current financial situation, long-term objectives, personal and charitable interests, and preference for in-person or virtual meetings to receive a customized list of advisors from Huntington Private Bank or Huntington Financial Advisors, a Huntington affiliate. Wealth managers and financial organizations, like Huntington, can strengthen current client connections with Find My Advisor while assisting clients in making plans for and achieving their long-term financial and investment objectives.

“Developing empathy with a client for effective communication and planning—either in person or digitally—is a must for any wealth manager,”
“So being able to connect the right client to the right advisor is essential for long-term, multi-generational retention. Find My Advisor, the InvestCloud app behind Advisor Connect, does just that, helping to secure clients and convert them at scale.”
“This app also speaks to how we approach innovation at InvestCloud,”
“We work hand in hand with our clients to develop the precise functionality they need and in a way that works seamlessly with the brand. We’d like to thank Huntington for going on this journey with us.”
                                                             Will Bailey, chief strategy officer at InvestCloud.

The ever-growing collection of more than 300 digital apps by InvestCloud, including Find My Advisor, can be configured in countless ways to provide clients with more customized and simple user interfaces. Through InvestCloud X, the solution is currently accessible to wealth managers everywhere.

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