Array Partners with FICO to Address Growing Demand for Embedded Finance Products

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Fintech Meetup–Array, a leading financial innovation platform, announced a multi-year agreement with a leading FICO analytics software company that will make FICO scores and credit data available to millions of consumers. this platform – the product form of Array.

A consumer’s FICO score and the factors behind it are vital information consumers need to plan for their financial future. FICO scores are used to help consumers access the credit they need for home loans, car loans, credit cards, and more. By providing access to their FICO® score, financial institutions, fintech and digital brands can help consumers better understand and manage their financial health, and build a strong relationship with them. Customer retention is increasingly important as the growing financial services market undergoes unprecedented fragmentation with the emergence of new competitors.

“There are tens of thousands of banks, credit unions, fintechs and other brands that are interested in embedding financial services products in their digital experiences, but lack the resources to develop them,”
“Array has earned the trust of these companies by offering credit report data and tools that fit seamlessly within their websites and mobile apps. Now these clients can offer their customers access to their FICO Score and to FICO® Score tools and educational content in that same environment.”
Geoff Smith, vice president and general manager, Consumer Scores at FICO.

A new study from Juniper Research has revealed that integrated financial services revenue will exceed $183 billion worldwide by 2027; just under $65 billion by 2022. The deal will allow Array to provide a FICO score based on data from one of the major credit bureaus in the United States as part of its own credit, rights management tool corporate private label financing and financing. FICO scores are used by 90% of major US lenders. Array’s embeddable products can be used by financial institutions, fintech and other brands within their own platforms to provide customers with access to important credit reports and information. FICO scores in a simple, easy-to-understand format road.

“FICO is one of the top brands in financial services, and the number one credit score when it comes to consumer awareness,”
“Our partnership with FICO delivers on our promise to provide valuable data with the experience that people want, and it provides banks, credit unions and fintechs with an embeddable solution to enable them to offer FICO® Scores to meet the growing demand for credit score data.”
Martin Toha, Founder and CEO of Array.
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